Ochre Cashmere

This is a family business that firmly believes in fair trade.  It has two production sites in Nepal where the cashmere knitwear in manufactured.  The knitwear is made on hand machines that knit the basic designs into the correct shape and shipped to Britain for sale.

The designs incorporate sequins fringing, tie dye colours and are hugely versatile as either casual daywear or a smarter evening look with the addition of sequins and fringing. We love the fact that as soon as Ochre arrives it sells!

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t: 01656 749841

e: info@loulouboutique.co.uk

web: www.loulouboutique.co.uk


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Loulou Boutique
Pyle Garden Village
Bridgend     CF33 6BJ

Opening Times

Monday to Saturday

      10:00 - 17:30
      10:30 - 16:30